The Care We Take

The Details. They matter to us.    

Most will wonder why we obsess over the Details.
Around here, the Details, they matter.

1. Coarse Cut Chicken

We cut our chicken coarsely so that you can bite into the chicken knowing that it is lean chicken.  

2. No Chicken Skin

Most of the fat in chicken comes from the skin. We use only skinless chicken to lower the fat content.

3. Tomato

Here is the process we prepare our tomatoes:
(1) Sanitised and thoroughly rinsed.    
(2) Coring out the eye of the tomato.                                                            
(3) Dice the tomato. We dice instead of slice because dicing enables us to remove more moisture than slicing.
(4) Spin dry in salad spinning machine. By removing the excess moisture, the sandwich is crispy on the outside and moist enough on the inside. Part of the Hotbake uniqueness.

4. Cucumber

We peel the skin off and core out the cucumber seeds.

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