The Bestsellers

We offer a range of over 60 sandwich varieties and below is a
selection of some of our delicious and healthier sandwiches:

The stars of our Healthier Choice range

Outback BBQ Hotdog Melt
Spanish Chicken
Chicken Chunky
Mushroom Melt
Australian Honey Chicken
Roast Chicken
New York Sausage Omelette
Sichuan Pepper Chicken
Chicken and Cheese

Other Sandwiches

Beef Bolonaise

Hawaiian Pizza
Pizza Omelette

Tandoori Special

Looking for other flavours? Check out the list below!

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Menu For Hotbake Vending Machines ref :
  1. *Australian Honey Chicken Sandwich
  2.  Beef Bolognese Sandwich
  3.  Black Pepper Beef Sandwich
  4. *Brazilian Chicken Sandwich
  5. *Basil Chicken Sandwich
  6.  California Cheesecake Sandwich
  7.  Chicken & Cheese Sandwich
  8.  Chicken Cheeseburger Sandwich
  9. *Chicken Melt Sandwich
  10. *Chicken Mushroom Burger
  11.  Chicken Mushroom Pizza
  12.  Chicken Pepperoni Burger
  13.  Chicken Pepperoni Sandwich
  14. *Chicken Salad Sandwich
  15. *Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
  16.  Chunky Chicken Omelette
  17.  Club Sandwich
  18.  Curry Chicken Sandwich
  19.  *Cajun Chicken Sandwich
  20.  Chicken Floss Sandwich
  21.  Croque Monsieur Sandwich
  22.  Egg Wholegrain
  23.  Fillet Of Fish Sandwich
  24.  Hawaiian Pizza Sandwich
  25.  Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich
  26.  Hong Kong Chicken Sandwich
  27.  *Hotdog Melt Sandwich
  28.  *Kebab Chicken Sandwich
  29.  LA Beef Pizza Sandwich
  30.  *Mushroom Chicken Sandwich

* Denotes HCS Certified Product

31. *Mushroom Melt Sandwich
32. Mushroom Omelette Sandwich
33. Mushroom Pizza Sandwich
34. Mushroom Sandwich
35. *New York Omelette Sandwich
36. *New York Sausage Omelette Sandwich
37. *Outback BBQ Hotdog Melt Sandwich
38. *Outback Chicken Melt Sandwich
39. Parmesan Chicken Sandwich
40. Pineapple BBQ Chicken Sandwich
41. Pizza Omelette Sandwich
42. *Pharaoh Chicken Sandwich
43. Roast Beef Sandwich
44. Roast Chicken Omelette Sandwich
45. Roast Chicken Pizza Sandwich
46. Roast Chicken Sandwich
47. *Sichuan Pepper Chicken Sandwich
48. *Satay Chicken Sandwich
49. *Sriracha Chicken Sandwich
50. Tandoori Chicken Sandwich
51. *Texas BBQ Chicken Sandwich
52. *Tomato Chicken Sandwich
53. Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
54. *Tropicana Chicken Sandwich
55. Tuna Salad Sandwich
56. Tuna Wholegrain Sandwich
57. *Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich
58. Tomato Capresse Sandwich
59. *Spanish Chicken Sandwich

All products are Halal certified