Hi HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) owners,

Having problems in reducing costs?
Having trouble in getting manpower?
We are your SOLUTIONS!!!

Our well-trained team of chefs, professional kitchen as well as Halal and Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) certified sandwiches are ready for your business requirements.

Here are what we serve:

Light Meal Sandwiches : 130g to 150g 
These are Light Meal sandwiches. 80g fillings minimum.

Regular Meal Sandwiches : 160g to 180g
These are Regular Meal sandwiches, 100g fillings minimum, for regular size meals.

Full Meal Sandwiches : 200g upwards
These are Full Meal sandwiches we make with a minimum of 120g of fillings.

Gluten Free Sandwiches
We make gluten free sandwiches on order.

Hot Sandwiches
These sandwiches are for serving hot. They are packed into baking parchment bags and delivered chilled. When orders come in they are toasted in a panini grill for 2 minutes at 200°C. Sliced open in the bag and served hot.
Shelf Life : Chilled : 3°C : Production + 4 Days
Shelf life : Frozen -18°C : Production + 30 days

HCS Healthier Choice Symbol Certification
We have many sandwiches formulated in accordance to HPB (Health Promotion Board) guidelines for HCS Light Meals.
For more information, please refer to HCS Nutrient Guidelines.

Halal Certification
We are Halal Certified.

NEA Guidelines
For event catering orders, we follow the guideline set out by NEA.
Shelf Life : 4 hour as per NEA Requirements for Catering.

Nutrition For Hospitals Requirements
We develop products with hospital nutritionists to customise according to hospital requirements.

Manpower crunch? Outsource to us.

We customise. Call us at 6481 3598 or come visit our showroom today.