Who We Serve

Our Customers :

  • Hotbake Vending Machines
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & F&B outlets
  • Caterers
  • Government statutory boards
  • Airlines
  • Conventions
  • Marathons
  • Company events

Solutions for the following :

  • Manpower 

Outsource to us. We will take care of it.

  • Halal  

We are outsource production of sandwiches for hotels and F&B outlets which do not have Halal kitchens.

  • Healthier Choice Symbol 

Increasingly, HCS is a requirement. We have more than 20 HCS products to choose from.

  • Wide Product Range

We have more than 50 different sandwiches to choose from.

  • Product Development According To Theme

Aside from the range on our menu, we work with customers to develop products for specific requirements.

We develop products according to the café themes.

  • Product Development According to Nutrition

We work with Nutritionists and Dieticians on product development for special needs.