Chilled Sandwiches

Light Meal Sandwich

Menu :

  1. Chicken Salad Sandwich
  2. Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
  3. Mushroom Melt Sandwich
  4. Tuna Salad Sandwich
  5. Egg Wholegrain Sandwich

These are the 5 products that are available on 3 days notice.

If you would like to choose from our Hotbake Vending Machine Sandwich menu. Please call or email us.


Cat 1 : Light Meal Sandwiches : 130g to 150g 
These are Light Meal sandwiches. 80g fillings minimum.
Shelf Life : 4 hour as per NEA Requirements for Catering. Please visit :

Cat 2 : HCS Healthier Choice Symbol Sandwiches
These sandwiches are certified HCS for Light Meals. They are formulated in accordance to HPB (Health Promotion Board) guidelines for HCS Light Meals.
Shelf Life : 4 hours as per NEA Guidelines.
Nutrition : Please visit :

Cat 3 : Regular Meal Sandwiches : 160g to 180g.                                             These are Regular Meal sandwiches, 100g fillings minimum, for regular size meals.
Shelf Life : 4 hours as per NEA Guidelines.

Cat 4 : Full Meal Sandwiches : 200g upwards. These are Full Meal sandwiches we make with a minimum of 150g of fillings.
Shelf Life : 4 hours as per NEA Guidelines.

Cat 5 : Hot Sandwiches
These sandwiches are for serving hot. They are packed into baking parchment bags and delivered chilled. When orders come in they are toasted in a panini grill for 2 minutes at 200°C. Sliced open in the bag and served hot.
Shelf Life : Chilled : 3°C : Production + 4 Days
Shelf life : Frozen -18°C : Production + 30 days

We manufacture and supply wholesale to a wide spectrum of F&B operators.
These customised wholesale manufactured products are not featured on this website.
Contact us : 6481 3598